Karoo shale gas ‘way below estimates’

Karoo shale gas ‘way below estimates’

(Independent Online) reports: The amount of shale gas that is commercially viable in the Karoo is way below the current estimate and nowhere near the oft-quoted fifth biggest reserve in the world.

This has emerged from the early part of the government-appointed strategic environmental assessment (SEA) study looking into issues around shale gas fracking in the Karoo.

Bob Scholes, who heads the team, said yesterday there were seven studies on gas reserves in the Karoo that had been reviewed.

While the amount of gas was still an area of great uncertainty, current estimates were that there were 70-150 trillion cubic foot in the Karoo, Scholes said.

“Then you have to look at what is technically extractable, so the amount comes down. Then you have to look at what is economically extractable and it is usually an order of magnitude lower. The actual resource is probably closer to the 5-20 trillion cubic foot range.”


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