Lasst der Schöpfung ihren Raum
Stefan Cramer December 14th, 2014

Radio-Feature des Hessischen Rundfunks: Lasst der Schöpfung ihren Raum. Wie Glaubensgemeinschaften in Südfrikas Karoo gegen Fracking kämpfen Sie ist eines von Südafrikas Naturjuwelen: die Karoo, eine riesige Halbwüste. Sie umfasst rund ein Drittel der Fläche des ganzen Landes. Und die ist in Gefahr. Denn verschiedene Energiekonzerne wollen der Erde in der Karoo Gas abringen, Schiefergas. Fracking nennt ...

Six Reasons the Karoo Will Not be Fracked
Stefan Cramer November 28th, 2014

Recently, the Department of Mineral Resources announced that it would begin issuing shale gas exploration licenses in the Karoo. There are five applications from three applicants (Shell, Bundu and Falcon). No doubt this will lead to another great shale debate in the country, yet few hard facts are available. There may, however, be at least six solid ...

When the Shale Runs Dry: A Look at the Future of Fracking
Stefan Cramer October 30th, 2014

Sharron Kelly writes in the DESMOGBLOG.COM If you want to see the future of the shale industry — what today’s drilling rush will leave behind — come to Bradford, Pennsylvania. A small city, it was home to one of America’s first energy booms, producing over three quarters of the world’s oil in 1877. A wooden oil rig towering ...

Geology Experts Confirm Fracking Risks
Stefan Cramer October 30th, 2014

SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT Wednesday, October 29, 2014 By Michelle Bednash Unfortunately, if you repeat a lie often enough, it begins to seem like the truth. One such oft-repeated myth, propagated with the help of millions of dollars of outside oil money, is that “there is no risk of fracking” in Santa Barbara County so we don’t need Measure ...

Department of Mineral Resources announces timetable for shale gas development
Stefan Cramer October 29th, 2014

REGULATIONS governing how shale gas will be extracted from the ecologically sensitive Karoo and other regions, will be published by the Department of Mineral Resources in January . The department’s director-general Thibedi Ramontja told Parliament’s select committee on land and mineral resources on Tuesday that the draft regulations, once finalised, will result in a regulatory framework ...